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So I took the plunge on Friday the 14th of February 2020 and launched my first #sustainablefashion line ... It took place among the beautiful setting and loving community of #PringleBay a small coastal village in the Overberg region of the Western Cape, in South Africa. It is situated at the foot of Hangklip, on the opposite side of False Bay from Cape Point. The town and surrounds are part of the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO Heritage Site.


To be honest I couldn't have asked for a more perfect environment to give birth to this new stage in the Sude brand - my aim behind such a venture lies in expanding my Sustainable Design brand into playing a more direct, active and involved role in my efforts to support #greenliving , different cultural influences, #womenempowerment & #communityupliftment.

Our products behind the scenes

How do I go about choosing my designs, fabrics, labour and other suppliers to promote?

  1. My designs are based on a lifestyle built on the principle that less is definitely more, my style is organic guided by simplicity, understated elegance, versatility & practicality. It suits most shapes and sizes!

  2. My fabrics are sustainable natural fabrics which I personally handpick and carefully source. Some of the benefits linked to organic & natural fabrics: they provide protection against uv and chemicals, antibacterial and hypoallergenic, improve sleep and have anti ageing properties. To read more in detail go and have a look at the articles in the Sheeba Magazine

  3. What is my purchasing policy? there are three main areas I look at:

  • environmental conservation - which translates into a maximum amount of use from the minimal amount of resources. I value frugality in the use of resources and energy, the use of renewable resources, the reduction of waste, throughout the supply chain and advocate for environmental change.

  • human rights - which I define as justifiable rights that are believed to belong to every person. I value companies and people who are transparent in their workplace practices and commit to consistent improvement in employee welfare including safety and fare wages.

  • local sourcing and community building - I prefer to source goods and services that are manufactured and distributed locally and when purchased from distant sources, I look for individuals or companies invested in building and maintaining their communities.

My inspiration behind launching SuDe retail brand

Though the main element of the launch on Friday was fashion it is one of 3 categories which SuDe is designing and has started promoting:

  1. Fashion

  2. Organic Home finishes

  3. Knits

So what made me choose these three categories in particular? my choices are a homage to the women in my childhood, to motherhood & to being a woman...

My story behind my love for fashion

This is my aunt; Zia Nadia, she turned 73 last October! she is a supremely active person and as with many of the generation born at the end of the second world war in Italy as well as in many other places around the world, life has not been an easy ride, though I LOVE the 50's and 60's especially in Italy and the fashion in that period!!! it wasn't everyone's reality my aunt was on the other side of it working extremely hard giving her all and not getting much in return even in terms of life simple pleasures, so her passion decided waiting around was not an option and went out to find her, it did & she fell madly in love at sixteen years of age, since then it has been her loyal companion and her one true love.

As you can see from this picture taken last October 2019 her happy place has always been and will always be while sewing!

I have spent many hours during my childhood by her side which I always carry with me and as a homage to our bond I have chosen to support the fashion industry specifically a sustainable one to honour this amazing woman, My Zia Nadia!

I will soon be posting my new line with pics, prices and fabric options so make sure to subscribe to my website - this is all about slow fashion, being personal and growing organically so enjoy the in-between you are worth it!

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