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Warm & Loving Home

As we move into the second month of the year, the one thing on everyone’s mind is Valentine's Day. It is a month of love, whether that’s giving love to others or yourself. With that in mind continue reading below to discover 6 tips on how to make your home feel cosy and filled with… LOVE

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Choose a Romantic Colour Palette

Colours that evoke love are typically shades of pink, red, and purple. So if you have a red cushion cover, a soft pink throw blanket, a purple vase for your bouquet of flowers, whatever it is — bring them out for this lovely month. You don’t need to go out there and purchase new items just for this, use what you have around your home and make it fun!

Display Pictures of Loved Ones

There are many reasons to display pictures of loved ones in your home. It increases the feeling of comfort and security, and it also gives you a sense of connection even if your loved ones are far away. Photos of friends and family can remind you of how proud you are of them. When looking at photos, it can bring up fond memories and you’ll reminisce about the good times.

"How can you turn a HOUSE into a HOME?"

Throws & Candles for a Cozy Touch

You know that feeling when you step into a friend’s house and it just feels so inviting? That’s because it feels like a home and not just a house, it makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. That’s why adding a cosy touch to your home matters. You’re not a robot with no emotions, your surroundings make an impact on your mood every day. So, show yourself some love by making your home environment comfortable for you to unwind at the end of a hectic day. Grab a throw blanket, add a cushion or two in your living room, maybe get a few scented candles, or get yourself a bouquet of fresh flowers. Make it your happy place!

Put Your Sentimental Items on Display

Displaying items that hold meaningful memories will have the same effect as hanging pictures of loved ones in your home or adding a few cosy touches around your place. It’s a constant reminder of what’s important to you and the happy memories you have associated with those items. It makes your home feel whole and positive.

All the Twinkles and Sparkles

If you are sharing Valentine’s Day with someone, make sure you set up good lighting to get the right atmosphere for love and romance. Decorate your home with soft lighting like twinkling lights and candles for that romantic feeling. Valentine’s Day is coming up and even if you are single I don’t see why you shouldn’t decorate for the occasion. Remember, love is not only for others, it’s important to love yourself first. These kinds of lighting are perfect for dining, movies, a good bath, or simply for reading. Whatever it is, I highly recommend it.

Music Makes It All Better

I don’t think anyone can argue that music is the best thing ever! It can certainly help you set whichever atmosphere you need. If you need to meditate, exercise, work, or dance, there’s something for everything. And if you’re ever feeling down, put on something upbeat and your day will get so much better. Music feeds your soul ;)

Keep it light, and make it FUN

Have a lovely month everyone! And if you do decorate your home using the tips above, please share your story & pictures with us on Instagram. We'll be posting visual examples using the tips from above on our Insta @SuDe.Global so be sure to follow us there to keep up with the "how-to".

Remember you are creating YOUR happy place and a positive impact on your quality of life.

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