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Style & Trends 2022

As life continues, so does this pattern of the ‘new normal', which has in turn created noticeable lifestyle trends. The top lifestyle trends AC-19 2020 reflect the increased public awareness for the prioritisation of health and sustainability as well as been forced to slow down and spend more time in our homes.

What is the difference then between Style & Trend

Style is your own unique and individual taste in interiors. Basically, you want the pieces and colours in your home to speak your style language so you’re communicating who you are through your home — and to do it well I have created two easy options for you to choose from one is the fast Interior option of taking my online quiz find your Interior Style - click here which I have created and refined in the last 10 years! OR by attending one of my online Interior Style workshops Find out more here

We can also agree that there are certain shifts and new directions in design that inspire us all to transform and alter our spaces and these are what I call Trends which we can #voguishly add to our interiors, that is if we have an existing style to add too.

2022 Interior Trends


  • Wellness - Conscious Decor - Bast fibres - high health enhancing materials with a low environmental impact or a regenerative one is even better. The bast fibre group which includes flax (linen), hemp, ramie and jute, support regenerative agricultural practices that can help the soil sequester carbon which means less carbon in the air more oxygen for us.

  • The New Organic - Indoor trees which is taking plant parenting and biophilic design to the next level.

  • Mood Influencing Spaces - Senses are addressed and affected by interior design features such as lighting - example Bright light can heighten emotions - Ambient lighting can calm you down - Low light levels with a little perimeter can create areas of privacy and intimacy - Natural Light is a mood booster and so on.

  • Energy Creating Spaces - Creating a more energized and positive atmosphere to live in through the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, where spatial positioning corresponds with energy flow.

  • Dual-Purpose Rooms - As mentioned right at the start as our lives continue post covid and new variants keep popping up, so does this pattern of the ‘new normal' of acclimatising to spending more time in our homes, which is making us look at our existing spaces and ways for them to work harder for us.

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Style Love

Love to #style your interiors? Good news!

You can now take our (#interior #style #quiz) click here

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