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One of the BIGGEST Design dilemma's that I see constantly inside and outside homes is the inability to choose colours.

So what's the problem?

First thing that comes to mind is everyone believes that Pinterest is like their personal designer and all one needs to do is flip there put some mood boards together and Voila everything will look beautiful lol, I wish.

Yes, I do to go onto Pinterest for inspiration the difference between you and me is what I know that you don't that makes your house worthy of Elle Mag... keep reading

The secret is knowing the difference between your colour scheme and your colour palette ...

Finding out what your colour scheme is not the same as finding out your colour palette — a colour scheme is how the colours relate to each other on the colour wheel. Do you prefer a more a monotone vibe or a contrasting one?

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Then comes Selecting Your Colour Palette

Once your home has the essentials and you have discovered what color scheme you prefer it’s time to understand more about colours and how they can be used to create beautiful interiors. And how to do it so that your home will be timeless.

  1. The first step in choosing your colour palette is working out what are you base colours and what are you highlight colours.

  2. The second step will be deciding on the percentages you will be using, like the 60/30/10 rule or the 80/10/5/5 etc.

  3. The third step will be how will you choose to disrupt them through out the house.


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This page was Extracted from my e-book 'The Curated Home'

Hope you enjoyed it and see you next month with Practice Advice

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