Favourite Interior Stores SA

Today I am sharing which are my favourite interior stores in SA and why?

I am sure that like me you are once again incredulous at how fast this year has gone by and when I say Christmas is around the corner believe me its true!

if you had renovations in mind for this year which you haven't started with already, I strongly advise to move it to next year but if you are thinking of small interior decorating touches to give your home a fresh new look involving some new pieces then this is a great time to do so.

Being a business owner of a design firm for the past 15 years in SA and extremely passionate about creating curated spaces these are the things a I look for in my suppliers ....

  • Quality - in their products

  • Costumer service - which is true and personal

  • Consistency - in the two above points which builds a trusted relationship over time

Hertex and Weylantds are my favourite stores which year after year have been consitant with the quality of thier products and with thier personal costumer experience ...

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