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Minimalist Living

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Why did we choose minimalism as a family?

We didn't actually, funny you would think as a designer I would have made that choice because of the trends and how beautiful it looked in pics. But No, it was a by product of us wanting to improve on the quality and purpose of our lifestyle as a family.

For example from my side I used to spend most of my time trying to maintain, manage and clean our home and stuff, I definitely found little joy in my home and when I did, it din't last long.

From my hubby side, it was longer hours at work trying to keep with the ever increasing cost of our lifestyle; bigger house, more and more stuff etc etc etc...so much unnecessary stress.

From my kids side, we as parents aside from not spending enough time enjoying them we were setting our children on a path where the message was that things came first instead of relationships unintentionally as it might have been. As parents we were spending more time with stuff and trying to take care of it, then spending quality time with the people we cared about most, each other!!

it was a vicious circle.

How did we start....

  • by asking the questions which were most important to us [intentionality] was the foundation

  • followed by our values and purpose, what is most important to us? [higher quality relationships with each other our family & friends, having more time to really connect, more money, less time managing, less stress, more freedom, more generosity, a more eco friendly home a healthier environment to live in & enjoy]

  • then we started thinking through, what did we actually need to achieve it? the answer was [less possessions & a smaller home] amazing right!! by changing those main two variables we would achieve our gaols and I can testify 4 years later to the results.

Minimalism is not a trend but a lifestyle

Ideas on how to achieve it .... and maintain it,

I am not going to write another book on the subject because there are plenty out there but what I will do is point you in the right direction of someone who has JOSHUA BECKER

covered the topic of minimalism from many angels and it's a great place to start:


Main highlights

  • Starting the journey

this is not for the faint hearted for it digs deep really deep and it is not a quick fix you tackle over the weekend, its a journey and a worth while one at that

  • Staying there

embracing clutter free habits {daily, weekly, seasonal}

overcoming consumerism

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