How to choose essential furniture pieces

The main reason for developing an essentials list for your home is to understand where the gaps lie, this is informing your future shopping choices with the end goal being a curated home. The key is understanding what you have and what you need. Now that you have your three essential elements, of your golden thread from your interior quiz results [ if you haven't take the free quizz yet you can do that now by clicking HERE], use them to help you to develop this list.

Here are 5 helpful questions to ask yourself:

1. What could you never live without? If someone told you could only have 30 items in your home, what would they be?

Understanding the items you can’t live without is a great process for developing your essentials list. Be brutal!

2. Which pieces in your home get used the most currently? This is more about understanding what you have now, and those pieces that you get the most use out of are the starting point of your essentials list.

3. What pieces do you wish you had but feel you can’t afford? Don’t avoid including key pieces in your essentials list just because you think you can’t afford them – a chesterfield is a great example of an expensive piece that is worth budgeting for. It’s worth marking down your aspirational pieces.

4.What base colours do you use? Your essentials list includes furniture, soft furnishings and accessories, and it’s also about colours. Naturally you want the essentials you buy to represent your style as much as possible and therefore it’s useful to develop a palette for these essentials. Choose colours that compliment each other and that can also be used with a large range of other highlight colours – black, white, beige, khaki, tan and navy are great options. More on how to select your colour palette in my e-book or you can join my online workshop on the 25th of July 2022 register

5.Which part of your home you find the most challenging? If there are particular areas you struggle with, chances are it’s because you’re missing key pieces that could cater to those areas.

For example; if you’re struggling to have a work area at home (especially after our experience with COVID) that caters for the different members of the family, you can try finding an area under the stairs or creating a dual purpose guest room? List out the times, occasions and areas you struggle with the most and try to understand what key pieces would fix that.

Extracted from my e-book 'The Curated Home'

Other things covered in my e-book you can look forward too the 5 steps to the curated home:

  • Home De Clutter - An overflowing home filled with mismatched items and impulse purchases is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for creating flow and personal style. In this step, I am show you how to de-clutter your home and edit it down to your best pieces, creating room for a more curated home.

  • Defining Your Interior Style - Understanding what you like and what suits your home is another important element in creating flow. Here, I help you uncover your own personal style, by taking the Interior Free Quiz which I created for this purpose. This quiz will help you develop a guideline to your personal style.

  • Choosing Your Essential Pieces - All those times you stood staring at your home thinking about how nothing really worked or perhaps something was just not right, it’s because you didn’t have the key items that go together and open up unlimited options. Step 3 will help you understand what essentials you need in your home which we have gathered from your interior quiz results. Todays Blog ;p

  • Selecting Your Colour Palette - Once your home has the essentials and you have discovered what color scheme you prefer it’s time to understand more about colours and how they can be used to create beautiful interiors. In this step you’ll learn about how to develop a colour palette and use colours in your home. And how to do it so that your home will be timeless.

  • Maintenance & Focused Shopping - Now that you have your flow going and you have kicked started the curating process with a strong foundation the last thing you want to do is ruin it with poor shopping choices, so in this step I share a series of tools to help you focus and pick items that continue to make your home better and more beautiful on all levels.

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