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Seasonal Easter - Get your garden ready

Depending in which hemisphere you are in will determine what you can do in your garden and get ready for Easter...

What can we do in our gardens if we are getting ready for Winter?

1. Mulch Your Perennials. 2. Protect Annuals from the cold. 3. Dig Up Tender Bulbs. 4. Pamper Trees and Shrubs. 5. Bundle Up Your Roses.

What can we do in our gardens if we are getting ready for Spring?

1. Clean up flower beds. 2. Divide perennials. 3. Add fresh mulch around perennials. 4. Prune trees and shrubs. 5. Perform basic maintenance of hardscaping. 6. Plant veggies.


Ideas For A More Sustainable Easter:

The journey is as important as the destination, this year plan a bit ahead to spend sometime having fun with your kids, family or even if it is just by yourself preparing for Easter 2022, it's an opportunity to make different choices that in one way or another impact our lifestyle, so let us do something today that our future self will thanx us for!

Here are some fun, beautiful & eco-friendly ideas below:

  1. Make your own decoration and get the kids especially involved

  2. Buy free range eggs

  3. Use natural dyes

  4. Plant seeds in the decorated egg shells

  5. Green Yummy Challenge - See if you can find fair trade chocolate which also tastes nice - lol!

  6. Gift a tree

  7. Prepare a couple of fun games. Egg hunting is a blast, but your gathering will be even more fun if you’ve got a few games ready to go.

  8. Check out for more decorating ideas on my Pinterest boards "Special Day Easter"

Enjoy x

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