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21 Days of #sustainableliving tips

Part of my lockdown commitment to my self was working on my consistency which I believe to be quite shaky and a week through this personal journey I realised that the things I was less consistent with where not the every day things like being with family, preparing meals, taking care of the house but where things like taking time for myself, playing with my kid as well as supporting my work for example through social media....

so that was the birth of the 21 Days of #sustainableliving tips

Things I covered with my instagram followers through this journey was looking at ways we can be more sustainable in our homes...

areas we looked at were:

- workspaces

- kids rooms

- Interior plants

- quiet areas

- hanging pictures

- lighting

- bathrooms

- lounges

- organised wardrobes

- bedrooms

- bookcases

- kitchens

- sustainable living live guest on IG with Fabiana Hoy

- ethical shopping

- your golden thread N.1

- your golden thread N.2

- your golden thread N.3


This was the last three days in which we discovered the first 3 ingredients that make up your own personal style …. each day we found a clue and added it

My golden thread = clue N.1 + clue N.2 + clue N.3

Side note lol: some areas took more days then one and I also took some time off in between 🙃

Here are three areas in more detail...

  • Workspace

So for my first interior tip I decided to start with the workspace at home!


Because in the last couple of weeks we have found ourselves working, studying & living all together and all at the same time 😳

Even if this is temporary, I live in the now and personally it drives me crazy having stuff piled all over the place 😱

So this is how I suggest you go about it if it is something you are also wanting to tackle:

1. Take a day or two to see exactly how the members of your family have settled around the house.

2. Each member should have their own designated room, area or space where they know that is there for them when they need it.

3. Declutter the area.

4. Reorganize it in a functional, practical and appealing way (you can get some really cool ideas 💡 from my Pinterest)

The space I worked on was for my self 🤍

A fab nook under the stairs - it has plenty of storage and plugs! Central to the house so it’s easy for me to see and hear everyone if needed as well as easy to get to the laundry and kitchen for daily chores 😜So it was for me the perfect spot..

So I got knee seen with decluttering it and

then of course I made it pretty

#interiordesignideasforhomedecor#sustainable#ecofriendly #green#environment#declutter#workspaceinspo

  • Kids rooms

😳 I know so much to say BUT we are talking about kids spaces here 😂

Here I worked on my son’s room, he is turning 11 this year and the tween in him is starting to show this means there is a shift in his needs and what he would like his space to do for him and now we also have online schooling to add to it 🤓 so my role is to support this growth shift in the best way possible for the best positive outcome 🤪 .

These are my tips for when doing your kid/s spaces regardless of style

1. Involve your children in the process if they are old enough for example you can role play that they are your clients and you the decorator, ask them how they feel about their room, what is working for them and what it’s not?

2. Take time to think through the activities they use the room for or would like to use the room for - make a list, with kids it’s usually means more then one thing is happening 🙃

3. Declutter the area, have the children take part in it, here is a great opportunity to give to charity and for the kids to know that as well. This will help them make choices with a good purpose🤍

4. Be creative with reusing furniture for different purposes or upcycling them into something new

5. Another fun way to also give the space a fresh look is by moving things around (I do that a lot 😂) you can get some cool ideas from Pinterest, I have created a board just for that named#21kids spaces

6.if they are old enough is good for them to have a plant 🌱 to take care of.

7.make sure to display what their passionate about - my son’s is his love for archeology, books, memorabilia, family pics and “snorlax” his plant 😜

8. Clever storage, remember less is more.

Ps: if you have a question you would like to run by me, send it my way xx

#kidsspaces #workspaceinspo

  • Kitchens

I love any space which is designed for the purpose of enjoying relationships with friends and family but it is soooooooooo much better when there is food to be prepared & shared together - there is something almost magical that happens when people get together around a meal :) so lets make this space extra special

I love food and adore preparing it with my loved ones being right there with me🤍 it is a great place to connect, share, laugh and indulge the senses🤍

So it stands to reason that I would go for an open plan kitchen.

How I designed my kitchen to be sustainable:

First I made sure of what where the activities my family and I looked to have in the kitchen.

Second I made sure to design around them like - prepping - cooking- washing- sharing coffee with a friend or breakfast in the mornings - etc

Third I made sure the space was optimally designed for the essentials, reaching and packing things was very important ( I hate having stuff in the back of the cupboard or those corner cabinets!)

I also made sure that I had minimal space for storing food that pushes us to keep buying fresh 😉and only what we need ( I don’t believe in buying bulk and I loathe wasting food 🥘)

Fourth I made sure the materials I used where durable and sustainable 🙌

Last but not least I made sure we had area for compost and recycling!!! Super important and my trash doesn’t smell anymore 😝🌱


🤍Sustainability is a way of life not a trend nor a style 🤍

find out more by clicking the below links

It’s a wrap!

Thank you reading and for those who joined me in the past 21 days, I had a lot of fun… if you like to join us on insta you can also follow me for my more active updates sude.global

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