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South Africa

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March 2022 Final dates to be confirmed closer to time, register so you can keep up to date.



Fitness Class

HIIT with Natalie 

5 major health benefits of HIIT, or high-intensity interval training

The benefits of HIIT include burning calories, losing weight, and building muscle. 

HIIT can also help you lower blood pressure and blood sugar, while improving oxygen and blood flow.



Woman Picking Organic Vegetables

Foraging with Eti

There are edible treasures growing wild all over Cape Town. Join the Urban Hunter Gatherer to discover the ultimate urban foraging spots.

My name is Eti Buys from Bulgaria. I am Garden Designer and Landscaper with a Degree in Ecology Science in Agriculture.



Zumba Class

Zumba with Elroy

Grooving to the beats of salsa, flamenco, and merengue music feels more like a dance party than a workout, which is exactly what makes Zumba so popular. The Latin-inspired dance workout is one of the most popular group exercise classes in the world.




Gin Tasting

L-Gin handcrafted gin started in July 2018 by three good friends who live in Elgin and love gin. We were inspired by the sumptuous fruit growing in the Elgin valley and the abundance of oak trees that line many farm roads.


To celebrate our valley, we wanted to create artisanal spirits that distills the essence of our Elgin valley into perfectly unique gin.



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Learn Experiment Enjoy

The experience comprises a hands on food course, with attorney-turned chef, Nicole Neethling. The course focuses on Indian cuisine, where all ingredients are supplied for you, so you can just arrive and get cooking.

Learn about the healing properties 

of the herbs and spices.  

As well as how to mix and grind spices to create flavourful blends.

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Our Hostesses

Nura El-Ghaib

I have spent the last 20 years as a freelance interior designer helping families create sustainable spaces for themselves & loved ones.

As 2021 continues, so does this pattern of the ‘new normal', which has in turn created noticeable lifestyle trends. The top lifestyle trends of 2021 reflect the increased public awareness for the prioritization of health and sustainability. In our events we focus on the most popular lifestyle trends that are defining 2021.

Founder & Host of SuDe Events

CEO of SuDe.Global


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Eti Buys

My last few years were focused on updating my environmental skills and getting involved in many workshops, studies, and projects based on sustainable design. My passion to help and educate people, to help them help others has grown in the past year as a result of our life-changing experiences during the covid pandemic lockdawn. Looking forward to the future and all the opportunities that are laid for us to live sustainable and self-sufficiently. 

Host & Partner at SuDe retreats

Founder of Kimko Garden

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