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Nura El-Ghaib

Design For Life

Hello and Welcome

Thank you for popping by!


Behind the scenes,

My name is Nura founder & CEO of SuDe. I'm  passionate about all aspects of sustainable living which is at the heart of what drives me.

I have spent the last 20 years as an interior designer helping families and businesses create sustainable spaces for themselves, loved ones and their employees through SuDe my (Sustainable Design) Studio.


As life continues, so does this pattern of the ‘new normal', which has in turn created noticeable lifestyle trends. The top lifestyle trends AC 2020 reflect the increased public awareness for the prioritization of health and sustainability.

In our we focus on the most popular lifestyle trends that are defining the future, our aim is to nurture different cultural influences and support the empowerment of women.

This pandemic has also opened up a more virtual existence, both personally and professionally across the globe. So I have taken the opportunity to reach more homes starting with my first online e-book titled “Curate”. 

Which contains the main 5 Steps to a Curated Home! 


Member of the SGBF (Saudi Green Building Forum) @saaf @UN Consultative Statues @UNEP observer 

Member of the GBCSA (Green Building Council of South Africa)

Green Star and Net Zero Accredited Professional

CEO at SuDe & Sustainable designer,

Proud mom & Coffee Lover ☕ 


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