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March 2022 Final dates to be confirmed closer to time - register for the retreat so you can keep up to date.



Pilates Class

Pilates with Michelle

I am a qualified pilates instructor with a passion for healthy living. I believe our natural environment contains most of what we need to lead happy, balanced and healthy lives.


Barre Pilates 

This form of exercise can: 

  • contribute to your overall fitness and health

  • help you maintain a healthy weight 

  • keep your body strong

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Interior Style with Nura

Define your style

At some point, everybody finds themselves wondering, "What is my interior style?"

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.



Fashion in White

Fashion with Carissa

Style and beauty advice

With the amazing fashion stylist Carissa Bosman

Her professional portfolio includes:
Magazine, fashion, brand, business, production, stage and bridal

She is also a lifestyle expert and can help you with various dilemmas -- need to know the best way to style something to fit your work party’s dress code, or what lipstick and nail polish best compliments your skin tone or matches your outfit best? Your Stylist has got you covered.

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Gin Tasting

L-Gin handcrafted gin started in July 2018 by three good friends who live in Elgin and love gin. We were inspired by the sumptuous fruit growing in the Elgin valley and the abundance of oak trees that line many farm roads.


To celebrate our valley, we wanted to create artisanal spirits that distills the essence of our Elgin valley into perfectly unique gin.



Applying Makeup

Make-Up with Candice

Our godfairy Makeup Artist will guide us on how best to enhance our natural beauty with her expert advice and tips.

The best way to end this amazing weekend is going home feeling and looking our best!


Boosts our confidence - protects our skin - enhances our natural beauty - adds fun to our day - gives us time for our selves and motivates our daily face cleansing.



Our Hostesses

Nura El-Ghaib

I have spent the last 20 years as a freelance interior designer helping families create sustainable spaces for themselves & loved ones.

As 2021 continues, so does this pattern of the ‘new normal', which has in turn created noticeable lifestyle trends. The top lifestyle trends of 2021 reflect the increased public awareness for the prioritization of health and sustainability. In our events we focus on the most popular lifestyle trends that are defining 2021.

Founder & Host of SuDe Events

CEO of SuDe.Global


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Eti Buys

My last few years have been focused on updating my environmental skills. My passion to help and educate people, to help them help others has grown in the past year as a result of our life-changing experiences during the covid pandemic lockdawn. Looking forward to the future and all the opportunities that are laid for us to live sustainable and self-sufficiently. 

Host & Partner at SuDe retreats

Founder of Kimko Garden

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